If It's Not One Thing

It's another.

I think the universe is trying, in a not so subtle way, to tell me that perhaps I need to re-think this whole "being active" thing.    In yesterday's post, I mentioned doing something to my neck.   I went to see Peter at Pivot yesterday afternoon and it turns out I've strained a ligament.  Yes, I strained a freaking ligament in my neck by combing my hair in the shower.  WTF.   Of course my Saturday bike ride was NOT a good idea as it aggravated it even more.  So, now I've been told NOT to ride my bike.  I basically can't do anything that will strain my neck.  No sit ups, no overhead anything at the gym.  

Peter did some ART work on my shoulders and neck and did a small adjustment on my mid back.  I was sore afterwards so I went home, sat with the heating pad on my shoulders, then had a hot bath, took two Robaxacet and went to bed.  I felt a lot better when I got up so I went to the gym and did my mobility work, legs and biceps.  Now I'm sitting at my desk with the heating pad on my neck.  There is a good chance I may fall asleep.  He did tell me I needed to keep moving and that sitting at a desk all day was not the best thing for me.  Guess that means I'll be wandering around the studio for a large part of the day. 

One step forward two steps back.

At least he said I could try swimming.  Obviously if it hurts, I will stop.  He did say that I won't be out for too long with this so at least that's a positive.  I'm crossing my fingers I'll be good to go this weekend.  I'm going to need to be able to ride off my turkey and pumpkin pie! 

Have you ever had a "stupid" injury?   What did you do?   This is almost as bad as the last time I did something to my neck....that time I was sitting on the toilet reaching for the toilet paper.   Fun times.