Real Deal Showdown

For the last week or so I've hinted at something that I *might* be participating in.  Well it's official, I received my registration confirmation yesterday.

I'm going to be racing in the inaugural Barrleman Half Ironman on September 21st...BUT...I'm not doing it alone.  I'm doing it as part of a relay team.  Real Deal has entered two relay teams and to make things fun, there is a "losing team buys dinner" wager.  The teams break down like this:

Team One:  Colin Campbell (swim), Larbi Benhabib (bike) & little old me (run)

Team Two:  Leanna Lee (swim), Mike Mandel (bike) & Coach Ming (run)

Ming actually emailed me a couple of weeks ago to ask if I'd be interested and I jumped at the chance.  I wasn't planning on running a half marathon so soon but I figured what the heck, I might as well, it will probably be a lot of fun.  And I couldn't resist the chance to go one on one with Ming.  He's a strong runner and will be coming off the 70.3 World Championships so he should be in good form.  I'm crossing my fingers he won't be fully recovered because I think that's really the only way I stand a chance at beating him.  It's definitely going to be a very close race.  To top it all off, I'm racing my last triathlon of the season the weekend before.  Yup, nothing like cramming in a little last minute speed work, ha ha.  

Here's hoping my knees hold up over the next few weeks.  I was hoping to be able to add some track work in but I don't think that's going to happen without my knees getting really angry.  So, I'm just going to have to wing it and hope my legs are ready to go fast on September 21st!