Somebody Get Me a Chill Pill.

It's official.  I'm in bouncing off the wall mode.  4 more days till RACE DAY.  I was completely calm until late yesterday afternoon when I received my bib number (10682) and corral assignment (red).  As soon as I saw my email, I got butterflies. As Shrinking Inkd Girl said yesterday when she posted her bib number on Facebook - "S**t just got real".

Despite my nerves, I am really looking forward to this race.  The half is apparently sold out, which has never happened in the history of this race (as far as I know).   I have SO many friends and blends running, it's crazy.  Ben Kaplan from the National Post / Each Coach is running the marathon, Krysten at Darwinial Fail is running, Danielle at Work It, Wear It, Eat It is running - I've been coaching her a bit so I'm really excited to see how she does.  Dawn at Shrinking Inkd Girl is running there are a ton of twitter folks that I follow that are also running. 

I've been pretty good with following my list of things to get me through this week. I've been eating much better (no crap, although there have been a few pieces of dark chocolate) and the Thanksgiving bloating is starting to subside.  I am in a constant state of hunger though and it's a bit maddening.  I'm also still hemming and hawing about my race day attire because it now looks like it's going to be freezing (4 degrees at the start with the chance of rain - BOO).  I haven't been able to whittle down my playlist to 90 minutes either so I figure I'm just going to leave it as is.  It's just over two hours.  If anything it will give me a little extra variety.

I clearly have a few favourites. 

As for the Steer clear of the Beer....well...I had one on Tuesday night.  I took my friend Kiki out to see Two Door Cinema Club for her birthday and we went out to dinner first.  So of course I had a beer with dinner.  A Blanche du Chambly in case you're wondering.  I'd have to say that Tuesday was probably my one bad day so far this week.  Beer, a late night + standing / dancing = one very tired lady on Wednesday morning.  It was worth it though, the concert was awesome.  And, miraculously, the heel and foot pain I was experiencing magically disappeared when I got up yesterday morning. Must have been the dancing.

Balcony seats didn't stop us from dancing.
 My goal over the next few days is to get a couple of nights of good, solid sleep because I'm pretty sure I won't sleep well the night before the race.  My fancy new pillow is definitely helping me with that.  I was given the opportunity to test out and review a Dormeo Octaspring memory foam pillow a couple of weeks ago.  The review will be up tomorrow AND, the folks at IDEA Workshop have given me one to give away as well!  So check back tomorrow for the review and the giveaway details.

Speaking of giveaways, I'm trying to bump up my Facebook page numbers to 350 (baby steps people, baby steps).  I'm currently at 325.  When I get to 350, I'll do another giveaway that will include some Sweat pink laces and some of my favourite racing & recovery fuel (Can you say GU?).  So if you're reading along and you haven't liked my facebook page, go on over and click that button!  I'll be forever grateful. 

Who else is racing this weekend?