Tuesdays on the Run: Favourite Medals

Oh hey Tuesday!

Today I'm linking up with Marcia, Patty and Erica for Tuesdays on the Run.  Today's topic is Favourite Medals.  I've raced so much I have a ton of medals.  It's a little crazy really.   And I can confidently say that many of them have a lot of great significance to me.  But for the sake of keeping things short and sweet, I'm going to list my top 5 in chronological order.

1) Boston...

#Mingsanity, Boston, A European Adventure & A Few Surprises: A 2014 Highlight Reel

Here we are folks, the last month of the year. The end of the year is always a time for reflection for me as I'm sure it is for most people. Did it meet all your expectations? What were the highlights? The low points? The last few years I've written my year end recap with excitement and high expectations for the following year. This year I can safely say, I'm not writing from that place. For once...