Monday Musings: Where is summer going?

Happy Monday! And hello last day of July. What the what??? Yup, it's the first day of August tomorrow. Summer is flying by. I'm pretty sure I say that every year. The funny thing is that we haven't over scheduled ourselves this summer. In previous summers we've raced almost every weekend. Last year that didn't happen at all so I figured we'd have the itch to do that again but not so. I think the...

Monday Musings: T-Minus 3 weeks

Oh hello June!  Here we are half way through 2017.  Time is just whizzing by.  We have THREE weeks left until Tremblant!  THREE.  Holy crapamole.   We've been occasionally checking the water temperature in Lac Tremblant and a couple of weeks ago it was a balmy 6 degrees celsius.  Thankfully it's now gone up to 15.2which means that hopefully in another 3 weeks it's closer to 18 degrees which would...

That's A Wrap!

I suppose I could have titled this post the Season That Never Was, but that would be looking at this race season in a negative light.  I'm trying to stay away from that mindset and look at the good things that came from this season.

Yes, I got injured and didn't compete in my A-race. Yes, that sucked big time. There were tears. But, after that race day came and went, I focused on what I could do...

Safer Open Water Swimming with Restube

A while back I got the opportunity to test out something that would be helpful to people like myself that are apprehensive about open water swimming alone.   It's a personal flotation device that you can take with you when you swim in open water, or during any other water activity that you may not be wearing a life jacket for.

I'm sure you're probably wondering how that works.

Enter Restube.


Fear Less = Fearless

I've been tossing the double entendre of this word around in my head for a while.  Probably since my friend Jonathan claimed it as his "words to live by" at the beginning of the year.  The profundity of it struck a chord in me. It seems so simple, so easy.   But it's not.  At least not for me. 

The person you see in these pages is generally the person I am in real life. Yes, I worry and obsess...

Triathlon 101: The Swim

I had hoped to get this post out on Saturday but alas insanity took over and devoured my weekend.  As I mentioned in my last post I'll be talking about all the legs of a triathlon over the next week, including transitions and race rules.  I'll also be posting my race report from my first triathlon of the season so stay tuned! 

For many people, the swim is the most daunting part of doing a...

Conquering My Fear with a Little Saturday Fun

I've always had an overactive imagination. It's no wonder I ended up studying Fine Arts in university. This overactive imagination can sometimes get the better of me especially since I'm not sure how to control it when it plays on my anxieties. To those of you that have been reading this blog since it's inception, you know just how petrified I am of open water swimming. It's ironic given that I...

Let The Irrational Freak Out Commence

Yup.  It's started.  The good old irrational freak out. 

What am I freaking out about you ask?

My first triathlon in almost 3 years is what.  Mainly the swim portion.

But don't you swim 2-3 times a week already you ask?

Yes. But that's in the safety of a pool. This is the wide open space of a lake. There are no lane lines to follow. The water is not clear. The bottom (if I can see it) is not smooth....