Thinking Out Loud #2

It's Thursday already!  One more day till the weekend and, it's Thinking Out Loud Thursday!  Yay.  Once again I'm linking up with Amanda at Running with Spoons.  Head on over there to get in on the randomness. 

1.  Due to the Polar Vortex, I took both of my runs inside this week.  Treadmill time = mind wandering time.  So of course I wondered, why do the treadmills at my gym only let you run for an hour?  Seriously, what kind of nonsense is that?  If anyone knows why, please fill me in.  Other than the fact that my gym is too cheap to buy GOOD treadmills, ha ha. 

2.  Kristen, one of my readers wanted to know what my "go to" food was--what do I crave when I'm training.  Hers was burgers and I'd have to say the same, without question.  I'm sure those of you that know me well, aren't terribly surprised.  Mine are usually chased by a tasty craft beer.  Although now that I'm in full on training mode, my #beerstagrams aren't happening as much.   I decided to rectify that on Friday.  We headed to my favourite burger joint (Woody's) and I had my usual:  a bison burger with smoked gouda, smoked ketchup, guacamole, pickles, tomatoes, garlic mayo and lettuce.  Truly a thing of beauty.  What you don't see is the massive side of fries:  half sweet potato half regular fries.  What's a burger without fries?  Incomplete, that's what!  Oh and I chased it with an Oast House Barn Raiser in case you were wondering.  Of course I have a pic of that too.

3.  I have become addicted to steel cut oats.  They are almost as magical for me as pancakes.  I think it's all the bike riding I'm doing.  My fave combos have been banana & coconut and pumpkin with walnuts & maple syrup.

4.  G has been away all week and I'm not embarrassed to say that I've been in bed by 9:30 pm or earlier.  What good is a recovery week if I don't get extra sleep??

5.  My parents and cousin have been killing me all week with pictures from Barbados.  I love them and hate them all at the same time.

6.  How's this for random?

Yes, that is a GIANT sticker of Nicholas Cage's face on the side of a building.  I saw that on my run last weekend and couldn't stop laughing.  I should have gotten someone to take of pic of me with it.

7.  I'm finally going to get these installed on my bike tomorrow.  These are my Garmin Vector pedals (aka power meter).  One more thing for me to analyze on Garmin Connect.  The data geek in me is doing back flips right now.  My Sunday ride can't come soon enough!

 8.  I can't get enough of this video.  I know it's old - I saw for the first time a couple of years ago but one of my facebook friends shared it again yesterday and I laughed so hard I cried.  So good my face hurts.

Ok your turn!  Tell me something random!!