Thinking Out Loud #9

Wow, it's Thursday already!  You know what that's time for some Thinking Out Loud!  Every Thursday I link up with Amanda for some random musings, that don't always have to do with running or triathlon.  It's a mixed bag of tricks friends!  Here's what's been floating around my head lately.

1.  I am going to make these Honey Almond roasted chick peas this weekend.  I saw the recipe on Amanda's blog and couldn't stop drooling.  Sweet, salty and savoury = YES PLEASE.  I need to get back on to the healthy snacking bandwagon.  If I really like them, I'll make a batch to take with me in the car to Boston.

2.  I didn't think it was possible but, I've had my heart broken by a pair of shoes.  Remember how excited I was to get my new Mizuno Wave Rider 17's.  Well, I got them and they are TOO BIG.  I ordered my normal size and it was positively HUGE.  Cue sad face.  Of course, G tossed the box and I wore them outside (had to see if I could possibly run in them) so I can't return them.  I guess I'm going to have to try to sell them so I can re-coup some $$.  I tried on the 7.5 and it fits SO much better although there is a weird crease across the toe area when I push off that I think will probably drive me nuts and cause some blisters.  So, I am torn.  I don't want to spend more $$ on a shoe that I'm not 100% convinced is right for me, even though I liked the ride.  It's definitely lighter than the 16's and it feels positively zippy but if it doesn't fit me well, then I think I have to take a pass.  I can only hope that the 18's resolve this issue or else I may have to switch to a different shoe.  Booooo!  

Why oh why could you not be perfect??
 3.  Spring is finally here.  The weather as of late has made me very very happy.  Yes, we've had some cooler temps but for the most part, it's been pretty darn spectacular.  It really is all about the little things sometimes.

4.  Remember last week when I was saying that I haven't bought any "normal" clothes in a while?  I rectified that last Thursday.  I'm dreading my credit card bill.  But, I've got some new things for summer that will pack well so you know I'll be taking them to Europe with me.  I'm especially excited about this dress and this top.  Come on summer!!!

5.  I don't know what is going on with my hair as of late but it's growing like a weed.  I think it's the increase in training volume or something.  At this rate, I'm going to have a massive rats nest on my head by my next appointment, which isn't until MAY!  Ugh.  Does this happen to anyone else?

6.  In other news, I think I may have found THE ONE for me.  Yes, folks, I think my search for the perfect saddle is over.  Say hello to the Cobb Max.  Mine won't be this green colour, it will probably be white.  I can get it in pink so it will match my bike BUT....I'm not sure how much longer I'll actually HAVE my current bike so I figured white would be a better option as it goes with pretty much anything. 

It might not look comfortable but trust me, it is!

7.  I finally hit 500,000m in the pool this week!  I had been hoping to get there by mid March but I didn't swim as much as I thought I would in February.  So now I get a fancy new swim cap and a pin.  Yay!

Ok, your turn!  Tell me something random!!!