Verdict #2 & A Plan of Action

Good News!  My athletic world as I know it is not going to end.   Yesterday, I had two appointments to have my knees looked at.  In the morning I met with a physiotherapist at the same sports medicine clinic I went to on Friday and in the afternoon, because I am all about getting a second opinion, I went to see another sports medicine doctor at another clinic that I go to from time to time.  Both ladies said similar things to me which is a huge relief.

The physiotherapist did a bunch of tests on my knees and quads to determine flexibility and range of motion.  My knees are actually in pretty good shape with the exception of my left one.  It wasn't quite sitting the way it should be.  She then did some manipulation on my quads and discovered a whole bunch of knots.  Especially in my left leg.  Surprise! She then tested my hip strength.  Oh my god.  It was absolutely DISMAL.  I had suspected that was the case.  My right side was worse than my left.  Weird since I'm right side dominant but whatever.   She opted to tape up my left knee so it would get used to being in its proper place.  I've been told to leave the tape on for 3-4 days.  It's definitely taken some getting used to, especially at first because it didn't bend.  It's given me quite the gangsta style strut that's for sure.  I am scheduled to go back and see her tomorrow for some A.R.T work on my quads which I suspect will be hideously painful.  She'll also give me some hip strengthening exercises to do.   I've got my trusty thera band with me today so I can do some glute work in my office.  Thank goodness I'm not terribly busy right now. 
All taped up and ready to go.
 Sports doc number 2 basically said the same thing.  She said my knees looked good but that my quads seemed to be very dominant and that my hips were quite weak.  She did a couple of tests on me and said that I don't seem to be able to engage my gluteus medius very well, if at all.  She agreed that some A.R.T work and some hip strengthening exercises would be the way to go.  Funny, I've been having issues with all my glute muscles not really wanting to work properly.   Guess I need to work at turning my butt into a useful part of this machine vs. mere decoration, ha ha.

 The good news is, I should be able to run.  THANK. FREAKING. GOODNESS because I just got yet another pair of Mizunos that need to be worn.  Ha. ha.  I'm going to name these ones Yellow Birds.  Some people name their cars or their bikes, I happen to name my shoes.  Is that so wrong? 

The Yellow Birds - cause I'm going to fly in these babies!

Am I the only crazy person out there that names their shoes?