What Gets You Out of Bed?

Things have gotten a bit quiet around here as of late so I decided to use the time to start cleaning up my office.  This is a pretty big task since my office seems to be a dumping ground for left over props and other assorted things from shoots.   Some of these things get put to good use (see below) and some just end up in a pile gathering dust. 
This is a hard metal chair made more comfortable and cozy by the addition of fun fur.  
While I was cleaning up,  I discovered my old Ironman Switzerland Inspiration Board from 2007.  It was a bulletin board I hung in my office with a few bits of inspiration for my 10 month journey to the start line.  On it, I found this list.  I had to laugh when I read it because almost everything on here is still somewhat applicable (with the exception of #8, damn aging metabolism).  The list has definitely grown since I wrote this but I can safely say that these are still many of the things that get me out of bed and keep me motivated to stay active. 

What keeps you motivated?  Anything on this list that sounds familiar?