Monday Musings: Hitting the Road

Happy Monday!

Well Mother Nature blessed us with a reprieve from the polar vortex this weekend. It felt like spring out it was so nice! I hope you managed to get out and take advantage of it. Looks like the brutally cold temps will be staying away for the next week, which means we *should* have a fairly uneventful drive down south. Yup, we're headed back to Clermont for two months. I'm super...

Monday Musings: Back at it


I know some of you enjoyed reading about my weekly workouts so I'm bringing Monday Musings back for my build up to my two 70.3 races this year.  It's definitely going to be an interesting year given that my two big races are 5 weeks apart.  We'll see how this old bod of mine holds up to that.

This past week was my first really solid week of training since the beginning of the year. I'm feeling...

What I've Tried: Fascial Stretch Therapy

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know that I am a big proponent of self care, from regular foam rolling, to mobility work to massage, it's all an integral part of being a healthy injury free athlete.

Sometimes, you get to a point where these modalities may not be enough to help you feel or move better. That was where I was at the end of last year. I was having nagging SI joint...

2018: The Year of Purpose

Happy New Year!

Alright, I'm a bit late to the party but I was seriously enjoying my down time over the last few days. New Year's Day was spent in my lounge clothes, watching movies and making pretty things for my new side hustle. G took Tuesday off so we got a ride in, took the Christmas Tree down and then tackled the storage cupboard under the stairs in the basement. It was filled with SO. MUCH....

2017: You Were a Good One

Happy New Year!

I'm still alive! I know I've been M.I.A these last couple of months but I haven't felt like I've had much to share and truth be told, I've been busy focusing on building my coaching business and working on a bit of side hustle as well (more on that down the road). I've been spending more time on Instagram, telling snippets of stories there. But I will come back to blogging in 2018.

The Root of the Problem

I'm still here! I've been struggling with my focus lately.  I feel like I've got too many irons in the fire and I'm not sure which one to pull out first.  I also haven't really had the time to sit down an properly WRITE.  So I've decided to put myself on a weekly schedule where I allocate ONE full day a week to writing.  Hopefully that will breathe some life back into this space!

If you follow me...

Go to Training Gear

A few weeks ago I put a call out on IG stories to see what people would like me to write about on the blog.  I covered one topic last week.  This week I'm going to talk about gear that I love and use.  This is NOT a sponsored post, these are products I've bought with my own dollars.

Let's start from the ground up.


I spent most of the last year running in Onrunning shoes. Specifically the...

Maintaining Fitness in the Off Season

For many beginner triathletes, the off season is a funny place. What does off season mean?  Do you stop training?  How much rest is too much?  How do I structure my training?  These are some of the questions I've gotten as a coach and I will do my best to tackle them in this post.

I know when I started out in triathlon, after my last race of the season, I stopped training completely for at least a...

Who Wants to Go to Camp? Florida Training Camp 2018

Winter Training Camp with coaches Eric D’Arcy (Limitless Coaching) & Phaedra Kennedy (PK Performance Coaching) March 10th-18 in Clermont, Florida

Join us for a week of swimming, biking and running in the sun!

Clermontis Florida’s triathlon hub.  It is situated in Lake County, 40 minutes from Orlando. 

Get in some early-season open water swimming in Lake Minneola and get the opportunity to train at...

When Life Gives You Lemons

I've been really enjoying my down time but I had planned on getting back into the swing of things this weekend.  That was until my body had other plans.  

Last Friday I emailed my chiro / ART guy to fill him in on how Lake Placid went and to say Thank You. I said something like "Since I won't need to come in and see you any time soon...." yada yada yada. The following Monday, I was back in his...

What's Next?

I am officially in "off season".  Or as badass coach Jen Ruloncalls it: "the Season of Improvement". I think that's a better way to look at the down time between the last race of your season and the time you start to build for the following season. Off season kind of implies that you're taking time off. That being said, I suppose you could say you're taking time off from structured training i.e...

The Season Finale: Perpetual Forward Motion: Lake Placid 70.3 Run

I booked it out of T2. Well I guess booking it was relative. My legs felt like tree trunks, which was not surprising. I figured they'd probably feel like that for the first few km. At least that's what I hoped. I started trucking along, trying to focus on keeping my shoulders back, my head up and my turn over high. I was passing a lot of guys as I went along. I only passed one woman. Judging by...