"I had the absolute pleasure of working with Phaedra as she coached me through my first half-ironman. The plan she built for me was specific to me and tailored to my schedule, and took into consideration my starting point as an athlete and my race goals. For something as complex as juggling multiple training sessions, I felt such relief to have structure and guidance from someone with first-hand experience of the work needed to get me to the starting line. I credit Phaedra's solid, slow-building, nine-month training cycle with almost no time down for injuries. Phaedra provided real-time feedback, was always available to answer my many, many questions and was always quick to provide positive encouragement. I would recommend her to anyone looking to elevate their next race experience." 

Kristina M.


"Phaedra coached me for a little over a year and a half, and in that time frame, I was able to set personal records in several different distances, from the 5K to the full marathon.  Working with her was not only great for my physical improvements, but she was a great help when it came to my mental strength as well.  I felt like she believed in my abilities and that helped me to believe in myself, too.  Phaedra tailored all of my workouts to fit my schedule, and my runs were very specific, all with the end goal of making me a better runner.  We edited my plans as time progressed, and she was great at both giving and receiving feedback along the way.  I had a really positive experience working with Phaedra and would highly recommend her services to any runner who is looking to improve.  She is an amazing coach who is committed to helping her athletes improve."

Christina M.


"Phaedra understands how to coach athletes effectively because she is such a successful athlete herself. She's relatable, because she wasn't necessarily born with her incredible abilities—she worked remarkably hard and earned all of her achievements. As a coach, Phaedra manages to strike the right balance between pressure and understanding. She never wants you to hurt yourself, but she knows you're capable of things you haven't even considered. She's a little voice in your head that pushes you harder on every run. Working with Phaedra, I brought my half-marathon personal best from a 1:55 to a 1:48 in my first training cycle, and then she helped me cut it even further, to a 1:45, in the next! I would recommend Phaedra to anyone who might need that extra push and the convenience of an expert telling you what to do and when."

Danielle B.


"Phaedra provided a training plan tailored to exclusively me, taking into consideration my goals snd my work-life balance.  She gave me lots of feedback and encouragement every step of the way, and helped me smash a PR by two minutes in the half!  She is an awesome coach who helps you accomplish your goals." 

Bob W.